Students and Post-Doctoral Fellows


Pallavi Manohar (Research Fellow)

Pritee Agrawal(PhD student)

Supriyo Ghosh (PhD student)

Meghna Lowalekar (PhD student)

Tanvi Verma (PhD student)

Rajiv Ranjan Kumar (Research Scholar)

Kapil Kumar (Research Scholar)

Murali Konda (Research Scholar)

Ritesh Kumar (Research Scholar)

Srishti Dhamija (Research Scholar)

Abhinav Bhatia (Research Scholar)


Sandhya Saisubramanian(Research Scholar, 2015)

Asrar Ahmed(Research Scholar, 2014)

Jun-young Kwak(PhD student, 2013)

Na Fu(PhD student, 2012)

Truong Huy Nguyen (Post-Doctoral Fellow, 2012-2013)

Simon Williamson (Post-Doctoral Fellow, 2011-2012)

William Yeoh (Post-Doctoral Fellow, 2011-2012 )

Weijei Liu (Research Scholar, 2011-2012)

Zong Nan (Research Scholar, 2012-2013)

Nguyen Duc Thien (Masters student, 2011-2012)

Ajay Srinivasan (Masters student, 2011-2012)


Courses Taught and Guest lectures:

IS 711, "Planning and Learning for Decision Making in Intelligent Systems": An advanced graduate course on teaching advanced topics in reasoning with uncertainty and multiple agents.

IS 102, "Computer as an Analysis Tool": An undergraduate course on teaching the basics of computer skills for modeling and analysis (with optimization) in business applications. We guide students on projects, where they employ the skills learnt to identify problems and optimize in real world businesses.

Guest lectures on "Planning under Uncertainty" and "Game Theory" in the course on "Advanced Topics for Intelligent Systems"