I am currently an Assistant Professor at the School of Information Systems at Singapore Management University. I did my PhD in computer science at University of Southern California with Prof. Milind Tambe and a post-doctoral position at Carnegie Mellon University with Prof. Stephen Smith .

Research in my group focusses on developing intelligent agent systems that perform dynamic matching of supply and demand, so as to improve quality of life metrics. Most of these systems are motivated by urban environments and have concrete applications in Transportation, Emergency Response, Entertainment, Energy, and Security. Our contributions are at the intersection of Artificial Intelligence, Operations Research, Machine Learning and Behavioral Economics.

SMU coverage of my research : link

Invited to give the Early Career Spotlight talk at IJCAI-16: link

Elected to the IFAAMAS Board: link

We are organizing AAMAS 2016 in Singapore.

My CV here: (PDF)


  • Our papers on bike sharing and multi-agent planning accepted to IJCAI-16.
  • Our papers on online matching and others accepted at AAAI-16.
  • Our papers on setting up base stations and scheduling accepted at ICAPS-16.
  • Our papers on selfish orienteering and power supply restoration accepted at AAMAS-15
  • Our papers on ambulance allocation and uncertain MDPs accepted at AAAI-15
  • Our paper on dynamic redeployment in bike sharing systems accepted at ICAPS-15