I am currently an Assistant Professor at the School of Information Systems at Singapore Management University. Before starting my faculty position, I did my PhD in computer science at University of Southern California with Prof. Milind Tambe and a post-doctoral position at Carnegie Mellon University with Prof. Stephen Smith .
My research focusses on developing agent systems in urban environments with applications to Transportation, Emergency Response, Entertainment, Energy, and Security. This involves performing decision analytics on large data sets and using that analysis to build control strategies for agents. A few of my recent papers categorized according to application domains are:

  1. Transportation: Decision support to dynamically match supply with demand. ICAPS-15, AAAI-15, NIPS-2013
  2. Emergency Response and Disaster Rescue: Decision support for emergency response and disaster rescue. AAAI-15,{AAAI,ICAPS}-2014
  3. Entertainment: Guidance to customers at over-crowded theme parks AAMAS-2014,ADT-2013, (AAMAS, UAI, IAT)-2012
  4. Energy: Scheduling activities in uncertain domains for energy conservation and efficiency: JOSH-2014,(AAMAS,ADT)-2013, (AAMAS, JAIR)- 2012
  5. Security: Securing transit networks and active analysis of cyber-attacks: IAAI-2014,IAAI-2013, AAMAS-2012



  • Our papers on Selfish Orienteering and Power Supply Restoration accepted at AAMAS-15
  • Our papers on ambulance allocation and uncertain MDPs accepted at AAAI-15
  • Our paper on dynamic redeployment in bike sharing systems accepted at ICAPS-15
  • Organizing AAMAS 2016 in Singapore
  • Workshop on Behavioral, Economic and Computational Intelligence for Security accepted at IJCAI-15