Hello, welcome and thank you for visiting my official PhD web site.

Briefly introduction, I am Lucia and currently, I am doing PhD program under School of Information Systems , Singapore Management University. I have started this program since August 2009. Software systems and its combinations with data mining technique have become my research interest, under supervision of David Lo and I also work with Jiang Lingxiao

Being a PhD student has leaded me to another challenging and interesting life. I found that a lot of interesting knowledge that I haven't known and learned yet. During this program, I learned a lot of great things through courses, activities, and people. In this opportunity, I am thankful to have chance to meet alot of great people who inspire me not only in knowledge, but also about life. To know, learn, and interact with them are a great honor for me.

Last but not least, I would like to share one of my favorite quotes which has inspired me.

"Life is not made from dreams we dream, but it is made from every choice we make"

Faculties and Phd's Students of School of Information Systems (August, 2009)