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Process Modeling and Solution Blueprinting

Process Modelling and Solutions Blueprinting Course presents the concepts and methodologies required to execute a methodical approach to translate business process change requirements into clear IT solutions. We will cover business process modelling and analysis. We ensure that the students can smoothly translate enterprise business objectives into an effective IT solution architecture. We ensure that students understand the use of analytics and apply in analytics into business process.


Enterprise Web Solutions

Globalization is a key development in many businesses in the current millennium. Businesses also begin to understand importance of information sharing and process-driven collaboration among the teams. As such, web-based solutions are becoming the de-facto standard for Enterprise Information Systems. Enterprise Web Solutions combine basic web technologies, Enterprise Integration Technologies, and Web Portal Technologies.


Datawarehousing and Business Analytics

Analytics has penetrated into many areas of human life. In today's highly competitive global economy, more and more organisations leverage analytics to enhance their competitiveness. A recent study by IBM surveyed more than 2,500 Chief Information Officers world-wide, and it reports that the top priority for CIO's is to improve the process of business decision making. An overwhelming majority of them indicate that business intelligence and analytics is the way they can gain a competitive advantage. We provide an introduction to fundamental techniques and novel applications of data warehouse and business analytics.