Swapna Gottipati

Assistant Professor of Information Systems(Education)

School of Information Systems, Singapore Management University
80 Stamford Road, Singapore 178902, Office: 80-05-5036
swapnag at

I'm working as an Assistant Professor (Education) in School of Information Systems, Singapore Management University.My research interests include text analytics, natural language processing, information extraction, opinion mining, machine learning and social networking. My main focus is to enhance data mining models while she applies her research findings to software, education, business process management and mobile applications. Prior to joining SMU, I worked as a consultant for banking, financial, health and mobile projects, where she designed, developed and supported various software systems. I received my PhD from Singapore Management University in 2014.


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Innovative Teacher Nominee for 2016
The Innovative Teacher Award recognises faculty members who make significant contributions to promoting new ways of teaching that have an impact on enhancing learning. The candidate would be a faculty member who introduces, develops, and/or promotes creative approaches to teaching and learning.

SMU Innovation Week | Sep 2016

Experiential Learning in Data Warehousing and Business Analytics Course
The speaker shares the experiences of UNI-X course from School of Information Systems, Data Warehousing and Business Analytics, offered to IS year 3 and year 4 undergraduates. She addresses the content and pedagogy aspects converting an existing data warehousing course into a university experiential learning course. Finally, share she lessons learnt and experiences in executing the course.
Speaker: Dr Swapna Gottipati, Assistant Professor of Information Systems (Education), Singapore Management University
Singapore Management University

ICCE Tutorial | Dec 2016

Curriculum Analytics: Concepts, Techniques and Tools
Gain insights into the curriculum

The tutorial will introduce the concept of curriculum analysis and curriculum analytics, key components of a curriculum analytics framework, and application of curriculum analytics at the individual course or program level. The tutorial will also cover analytics techniques and tools relevant to curriculum analytics such as clustering, data visualization, and text analytics. Additionally, we will look at emerging and likely future trends in this field. The tutorial will include examples and exercises for participants' practice and discussion.
Organisers:Dr Venky Shankararaman Professor of Information Systems (Education), Dr Swapna Gottipati, Assistant Professor of Information Systems (Education), Singapore Management University
Singapore Management University

Professional Development Workshop | Aug 2016

For dataset please click: DATASET FOR LAB
1. Download Dataset1 for GoodFurnish Pte Ltd.
2. Download Dataset2 for GoodCompSoft Pte Ltd.
Business Analytics - Making Sense of Big Data for Accounting Professionals
The two-day workshop focuses on how an organisation can leverage information through business analytics to achieve its goals. Participants will learn how to identify the information needs of an organisation as well as information that would drive competitive advantage.
Speakers: Dr Gary Pan, CA Singapore, FCPA Australia, Dr Venky Shankararaman, Dr Swapna Gottipati

MyCompetencies: Competency tracking mobile application for is students| April 2016
MyCompetencies: Competency tracking mobile application for is students
Speakers: Dr Swapna Gottipati, Assistant Professor of Information Systems (Education), Singapore Management University
Singapore Management University

The overall aim of learning outcomes and competency based education is to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of higher education. It's important to track regularly student's competency acquisition so that the faculty can improve the teaching delivery and adapt the content accordingly. Student based self-assessment of competency tracking on a weekly basis aids faculty to intervene in course delivery process for effective teaching and learning experience. It also helps students to have a better understanding of their competency levels and accordingly prepare for weekly sessions. To enable students to self-assess the competencies in more structured format, there is a need for a systematic tracking tool. Additionally, it is also important for this tool to leverage on the latest technology for enhancing user friendliness and provide pervasive access through mobile technology. In this paper, we present a mobile web application, MyCompetencies, which enables faculty and students to track competencies on a weekly basis.