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Previous Talks
Tutorial Talk: Social Network Mining and Analysis for Business Intelligence
BDTC, Dec 6, 2013, Beijing, China
Feida ZHU [Slides]
Tutorial Talk: Behavior-driven Social Network Mining and Analysis
DASFAA, April 22-25, 2013, Wuhan, China
Ee-Peng LIM, Feida ZHU, Freddy CHUA [Slides]
Abstract: A distinct feature characterizing social network data is the rich user behavior information presented most prominently as the various interpersonal social interactions. These interactive behavior information, often encoded into attributed directed edges, could collectively reveal tremendous insight into a wide range of social network patterns. In fact, incorporating these behavior information into the modeling and mining process is sometimes critical for discovering knowledge at group and community levels. In this tutorial, we discuss how longitudinal behavior data collected over a time span can be leveraged to facilitate the mining of a number of interesting social network patterns including virality modeling, anomaly detection, off-line community identification and behavior-driven topic modeling.
Group Activities
  • 2013.11.24, Socinfo 2013 @Kyoto

  • 2013.07.12, BBQ @Xin Yu

  • 2013.03.15, Happy Birthday to our Dear Prof.ZHU!~

  • 2013.02.06, Happy Chinese New Year! @Hai Di Lao

  • 2012.09.16, Invited by Prof.ZHU