We are inviting applications for a research engineer (RE) position in the School of Computing Information Systems (SCIS) at the Singapore Management University. The position is broadly in the area of Artificial Intelligence and machine learning.

The research topic would be about developing reinforcement learning, and planning based approaches for next generation urban traffic systems including autonomous vehicular traffic on the road and the sea. Specifically, the RE would develop algorithms and prototype models for traffic coordination in different contexts such as coordinating autonomous vehicle fleets in airports, and coordinating vessel traffic in port waters. The technical topics would include RL, deep learning, multiagent systems, and automated planning and decision making.

The position is initially for 1 year with possibility for further extension.

Application procedure:

The project will be supervised by Prof. Akshat Kumar. His research is in the area of AI and machine learning. His work has won several international awards including best paper awards at ICAPS and AAAI conferences. He has been featured among the 2018 “AI’s ten to Watch” list by the IEEE Intelligent Systems magazine. For applying, please send your resume to akshatkumar -A-T-

Candidate’s core responsibilities are:

  • Investigate and read research papers for robust multiagent planning and reinforcement learning algorithms

  • Build simulators for several types of multiagent systems such as the MRT network, marine traffic networks in Python

  • Develop optimization approaches to manage such systems

  • Build a working prototype incorporating the developed algorithmic approaches into simulators

Job requirements:

  • Bachelors/masters degree in Computer Science or a related computing focused discipline is required. Previous research experience is highly preferred

  • Excellent coding ability and experience in Python or C/JAVA is essential

  • Coursework in data structures and algorithms, probability and statistics

  • Familiarity with deep learning libraries (such as tensorflow, keras, or pytorch)

  • Knowledge of optimization techniques and tools such as mathematical programming, Cplex, Matlab is a big plus

  • Knowledge in Artificial intelligence, machine learning and reinforcement learning is highly desirable

  • Please provide a sample of your significant project on github/bitbucket

Salary and benefits: S$3600 to S$4500 based on qualifications and experience. Additional benefits include health insurance, completion bonus, annual wage supplement.

About School of Information Systems and Singapore:

School of Information Systems is a research focused school that has more than 30 tenure track faculty performing research in diverse areas such as artificial intelligence and cognitive systems, data management and analytics, and cyber security among several others (more details are available here)

We actively collaborate with government agencies and private companies in Singapore and in the wider Asia region to create a unique blend of research applied to real world problems. As a result we have several large centers that are doing cutting edge research for solving our society’s most pressing problems, such as the Fujitsu-SMU Urban Computing and Engineering (UNiCEN) Corp Lab, Live Labs and Living Analytics Research Center. Through these centers we have access to a multitude of city-scale urban and societal datasets which our faculty and researchers use for grounded research.