Practice Assistant Professor
School of Social Sciences

Ph.D., Royal Holloway, University of London

Primary fields of interest
: creative thinking, theatre anthropology, performance studies, Asian ritual theatre; performances in the quotidian; performances of identities, theatre of pain, trance and altered states in religious practice, socio-cultural dynamics of temple and cult worships.

Pioneer of English Language Theatre in Singapore
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1 Tang-Ki Spirit Medium Worship
2 The Origin of Tang-Ki Worship
3 The Eternal Youth of the Tang-Ki
4 Mythology as Dramatic Canon
5 Tang-Ki Costumes
6 The Tang-Ki as Cosmic Actor
7 Tang-Ki Self Mortification
8 Image worship
9 Capgomeh in Singkawang
10 Tan Ah Choon, the Tangki King
11 Congkak, a game that connects us with the world
12 Chinese Culture in Western Shadow