Courses currently teaching:


Courses Taught at SMU:

       STAT312: Applied Regression Methods, Term II 2012-13, Term II 2010-11, Term I 2009-10, Term II 2008-09, Term I 2007/08;

       STAT151: Introduction to Statistical Theory, Term I 2012-13, Term II 2010-11, Term II 2009-10, Term I 2012-13, Term I 2013-14; Term I, II, 2015-16

       STAT306: Applied Stochastic Models, Term I 2011-12, Term II 2009-10;

       STAT102: Introductory Statistics B, 2002 2008, 9 times;

       STAT101: Introductory Statistics A, 2002 2011, 6 times; Term I, 2015-16


Courses Taught at the National University of Singapore (in time order):

       Multivariate Statistical Analysis (honours year, Arts and Social Sciences)

       Multivariate Statistical Methods (third year, Arts and Social Sciences)

       Elementary Statistics (first year, Arts and Social Sciences)

       Statistical Modelling (honours year, Arts and Social Sciences)

       Probability and Distribution Theory (second year, Arts and Social Sciences)

       Introduction to Statistics (first year, Science)

       Regression Analysis (third year, Science)

       Categorical Data Analysis (Sem. II, 2000/2001, part time master students)

       EC2231 Foundations for Econometrics (Sem. I & II, 2001/2002, 1st year Economics students)



           Teaching Excellence Award, 1998, Faculty of Arts & Social Science, National University of Singapore

           Teaching Excellence Award, 1998, National University of Singapore



PhD Student:

Liu Shew Fan, 2012 --

Tentative Topic: Bias-Corrected and Heteroskedasticity-Robust Estimation of Spatial Econometrics Models


Master Student:

1.        Su Wanhua (June 2002). Effect of Estimation and Transformation on Control Charts    

2.        Xu Jianfeng (June 2002). Data Transformation in the Analysis of Lifetime Data

3.        See Peen Peen, Stanley (July 2000). Simple Prediction Intervals for the Weibull Distribution.  


Honours Student:

1.        Kok Lee Sin (2001/2002)

Political Instability and its Implications on Economic Growth & Foreign Direct Investment

2.        Lee Hui Leng (2001/2002)

Functional forms and the Demand for Money in Singapore

3.        Ho Wang Yi (2000/2001/)

Test of Functional Forms in Econometric Modelling

4.        Wong Chiu Min  (2000/2001)

Reliability Bounds and Percentile Limits for Lifetime Distributions

5.        Peh Ai Wee, Angela (2000/2001)

SPC Methods for Monitoring Nonnormal Quality Characteristics

6.        Phua Song Boon (2000/2001)

Statistical Methods for Comparing Weibull Populations

7.        Ong Whee Sze (1999/2000),  1st class honours B. Soc. Sci. degree awarded

Transforming the Gamma Variable for SPC Applications

8.        Ong Soh Kuan (1999/2000)

Predictive Densities for the Exponential Distribution with Applications to Reliability and Lifetime Predictions

9.        Ng Li Shuan  (1999/2000) 

Predictive Densities for the Normal Distribution and Their Applications

10.    Koh Guek Yeng, Abigil (1998/1999)

A Monte Carlo Comparison of the Maximum Likelihood and Bayesian Estimators of Regression Transformation.

11.    Teng Lot Yin (1998/1999)

Predictive Inferences for the Birnbaum-Saunders Distribution

12.    Chew Heh Ning (1997/1998), 1st class honours B. Soc. Sci. degree awarded

Predicting Future Lifetimes Using Box-Cox Transformation

13.    Ang Li Wei (1997/1998),  1st class honours B. Soc. Sci. degree awarded

Birbaum-Saunders Distribution with a Shifted Origin

14.    Chua Wee Hua (1997/1998)

Shortest Prediction Intervals for the Inverse Gaussian Distribution

15.    Yeo Puay Kiang (1996/1997)

A Comparison of Transformed Linear Model and Generalized Linear Model in Fitting Positive Continuous Data

16.    See Han Teen (1996/1997)

Likelihood Estimation of the Threshold Parameter in Three Parameter Distributions