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A Dictionary of Singlish
and Singapore English

Tell me how much a nation knows about it own
language, and I will tell you how much that
nation knows about its own identity.

— John Ciardi

Contributing to the Dictionary



Improving the Dictionary: Contribution Form.




Other Ways of Contributing.

Improving the Dictionary: Contribution Form

The following forms of contributions to improve the Dictionary are welcome:


Suggestions for new words and phrases to be included in the Dictionary.


Suggestions for new definitions of words and phrases, or amendments to existing definitions.


Additional quotations, particularly those that indicate clearly the meaning of words and phrases, demonstrate a new meaning or sense, or indicate the first or an early use of a particular word or phrase.

Please use the form below to submit contributions, or send an e-mail.

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I agree that the decision whether or not to incorporate contributions into the Dictionary remains entirely that of the website owner. By submitting a contribution, I agree that it may be incorporated or otherwise used in the Dictionary without any consideration to me, and that any copyright that I own in the contribution will be transferred absolutely to the website owner. (You must agree in order for your contribution to be considered.)
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Much thanks to the following contributors who took the time to e-mail me with their useful suggestions on how to improve the Dictionary.

Chee Sau Pung (suggested improved IPA transcriptions of pronunciations of tair and teruk)

‘Dahlia’ (suggested improved definition for ayam percik and provided or suggested etymologies for kacang pool, putri salat and siput sedut)

Gerry Choo (suggested more accurate definition of bubur terigu)

Goh Eck Kheng (suggested corrections to kuti)

Terrence Hoe (suggested addition of bo idea and katik ayam)

Serena Hu (suggested addition of arbaden and chaybah)

‘Jon’ (provided etymology of chee in attap chee)

Ivy Lee (provided etymology of lei cha fan)

Sarah A. Lee (suggested addition of arbaden)

Lim Su Min (suggested etymology of ah-balling)

Lye Kah Cheong (suggested addition of the whole jin gang)

Ng Kiat Han (suggested etymologies of orluak, tiger show and wah lau, and provided news and opinion articles)

Ngiam Shih Tung (suggested etymologies of fu chok, love letter and tim chok)

Timothy Pwee (provided 1928 quotation for yam seng)


Tan Geok Kee (suggested etymology for balukoo)

Tong Meng Khong (suggested improved definition for ayam percik)

Yeo Kang Shua (provided etymologies for bak chor mee, chwee kueh, ee fu noodles, fu chok, Teochew porridge, tim chok and yam seng)

Victor Yue (suggested improved definition for ayam percik, and etymology for fu chok and tim chok)

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Other Ways of Contributing

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