Hoong Chuin Lau's Teaching and Student Supervision


Text Book:

S. Kimbrough and H. C. Lau. Business Analytics for Decision Making, CRC Press, 2016.


-       Supplementary text materials.


-       IBM CPLEX Optimization Studio download (within SMU network)

Courses Designed and Taught:

(a) Current Courses (at School of Information Systems, Singapore Management University):


IS102: Computer as Analysis Tool. Sample Course outline

IS103: Computational Thinking (within SMU network). Sample Course outline

IS421: Enterprise Analytics for Decision Support (within SMU network). Sample Course outline


CS602: Algorithm Design and Implementation (access within SMU network) Professional Master course

CS606: AI Planning and Decision Making (access within SMU network) Professional Master course

IS703: Decision Analytics and Optimization (access within SMU network). MSc and PhD course

IS753: Advanced Topics in Intelligent Systems (access within SMU network). MSc and PhD course


(b) Previous Courses (at School of Computing, National University of Singapore):

CS2103: Object-Oriented Software Design

CS3230: Design and Analysis of Algorithms

CS5234: Combinatorial Graph Algorithms 


(c) Professional/Executive Short Courses:

Applied Algorithmics (One such course has been conducted for PSA Corp) 


(d) Coaching for Programming Competitions:

ACM/IOI Programming Contest Training. 

Super Computing Contest (SuperCon) at Tokyo Institute of Technology


Student Supervision:

(a) Current PhD and MSc Students:


(1) Tanvi Verma. Topic to be decided (PhD candidate, SIS, SMU)

(2) Abraham James. Topic to be decided (PhD candidate, SIS, SMU)

(3) Joe Waldy, Topic to be decided (PhD candidate, SIS, SMU)


(b) Past PhD and MSc students and their last known job appointments:


PhD graduates

(1) Steven Halim Visualization of Local Search Trajectory (PhD, NUS)

Lecturer, School of Computing, NUS, Singapore

(2) Zhao Zhengyi Decentralized Job Scheduling via Combinatorial Auctions (PhD, NUS)

CTO for a startup company, China

(3) Park Jonghan, Relationship-Preserving Auctions (PhD, KAIST)

MD of technology startup company OLEV under Dongwan group, Korea

(4) Fu Na Robust Execution Strategies for Project Scheduling (PhD, SMU)

Post-doc, Living Analytics Research Centre, SMU, Singapore

(5) Lindawati Automated Tuning based on Local Search Trajectory Clustering (PhD, SMU)

Research Scientist, SAP, Singapore

(6) Kar Way Tan. Proactive Methods in Dynamic Queue Management in Hospital Emergency Departments (PhD, SMU)

Assistant Professor, School of Information Systems, SMU

(7) Chen Cen. Recommending Personalized Schedules in Urban Environments (PhD, SMU)

Ant Financial, Alibaba, China

(8) Le Truc Viet. An Integrated Framework for Modeling and Predicting Spatiotemporal Phenomena in Urban Environments (PhD, SMU)

SAP, Singapore

(9) Jiali Du. Proactive and Reactive Strategies to Handle Surges in Urban Crowds (PhD, SMU)

Booking.com, Netherlands

(10) Nguyen Duc Thien. Reinforcement Learning for Collective Multi-agent Decision Making (PhD, SMU)

IBM, Singapore

(11) Larry Lin. Modelling Movement Decisions in Networks: A Discrete Choice Model Approach (PhD, SMU)

Grab, Singapore


MSc graduates

(1) Melvyn Sim. Over-constrained Vehicle Routing with Time Windows Part I (MSc, NUS)

Professor, NUS Business School (PhD, MIT)

(2) Teo Kwong Ming Over-constrained Vehicle Routing with Time Windows Part II (MSc, NUS)

Deputy Director, 顺丰速运 S.F. EXPRESS CO. LTD (PhD, MIT)

(3) Song Huawei Corrective Maintenance of Military Systems (MSc, NUS)

Financial Analyst, Royal Bank of Canada (PhD, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (USA))

(4) Wu Xiaotao Transport Planning with Service Constraints (MSc, NUS)

Microsoft, Shanghai, China

(5) Wang Hui Two Agent-Based Approaches for Solving Multi-Objective Optimization Problems (MSc, NUS)

Microsoft, Seattle, USA

(6) Li Jia Robust Controllability of Temporal Constraint Network Under Uncertainty (MSc, NUS)

Microsoft, Seattle, USA

(7) Ng Yong Jin Stolt Tank Containers: Best Route Solutions (MSc, NUS)

Stolt Tank Containers (Singapore)

(8) Que Youguang Transportation Management and Modeling of SembLog China Operations (MSc, NUS)

SembCorp Logistics (China)

(9) Soh Guan Li A Pickup and Delivery Problem in a Military Transportation Context (MSc, NUS)

Hewlett Packard (Singapore)

(10) Wan Wee Chong Meta-Heuristics Development Framework: Design and Applications (MSc, NUS)

IT startup company (Singapore)

(11) Feng Guang Algorithms for Scheduling Problems with Weighted Earliness/Tardiness Penalty (MSc, NUS)

ILOG (Singapore)

(12) Thomas Ou Robust Meta-Heuristics Framework (MSc, NUS)

Schlumberger (Singapore)

(13) Sankaran Sri Nivas Transportation Planning and Modeling of SembLog India Operations (MSc, NUS)

SembCorp Logistics (India)

(14) Lim Min Kwang Ant-Colony Meta-Heuristics: Schemes and Software Framework (MSc, NUS)

Datacraft Asia (Singapore)

(15) Liow Loong Fong. Niche Seeking Strategies for 2-player Influence Maximization (MSc, SMU)

Infocomm Development Authority (Singapore)

(16) Nguyen Duc Thien. Fair Cost Sharing Auction Mechanisms in Last Mile Ridesharing (MSc, SMU)

PhD candidate, SIS.

(17) Cheng Yew Yih. Bid Price Markup Model for Last-Mile Delivery Auctions (MSc, SMU)

Systems Consultant (Singapore)


(c) Undergraduate Independent Research: Some undergraduate projects I supervised have won prestigious awards, e.g.:

1.     Health-Care A&E Priority Queuing (by Wang Chao) paper published in IEEE Conf. Automation Science and Engineering (CASE), 2012.

2.     Multi-Dimensional Knapsack Problem (by Trung Tuan Dung) won the MOE SRP VIP award and Singapore Science and Engineering Fair Gold Medal, 2005.

3.     Task Allocation via Coalition Formation in Multi-Agent Systems (by Zhang Lei) won the 2002 NITA Competition Best Student Award. 

4.     Intelligent Fourth-Party Logistics (by Gary Lo) won a Merit Award in the SingAREN-Sttarfire-iPlanet Advanced e-Business Applications Competition 2001.

5.     Over-Constrained Vehicle Routing Problems (by Melvyn Sim and Teo Kwong Meng) won the Singapore-MIT Alliance (SMA) Best Student Project, 2000.

Most of my conference and journal papers are results of student projects.


If you are interested in MSc and PhD topics, please refer to my Research page for further details. 


My Teaching Philosophy: