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PhD Students

·         Kang Hong Jin, since Jan 2019

·         Zhang Ting, since Jan 2020

·         Zhou Xin, since Aug 2020

·         Ratnadira Widyasari, since Aug 2020

·         Imam Nur Bani Yusuf (co-supervisor), since Aug 2020

·         Zhou Yang, since Aug 2021

·         Chengran Yang, since Aug 2021

·         Multiple openings are available


D.Eng Students

·         Lakshminarayanan, since Jan 2022

·         Multiple openings are available



·         Ferdian Thung

·         DongGyun Han

·         Bowen Xu

·         Multiple openings are available


Research Engineers

·         Stefanus Agus Haryono

·         Muhammad Hilmi Asyrofi

·         Kien Luong

·         Truong Giang Nguyen

·         Jieke Shi

·         Junda He

·         Ivana Clairine Irsan

·         Multiple openings are available


Visiting Students

·         Muhammad Hadi, from University of British Columbia, Canada

·         Yucen Shi, from Northeastern University, China

·         Chen Gong, from Chinese Academy of Sciences, China

·         Multiple openings are available


Note: Only actively maintained homepages of group members are referenced above (sometimes we get caught up in doing exciting research and forget to maintain homepages :)). The group members' lists of publications are available on Google Scholar and DBLP.


Graduated PhD Students (as primary advisor, unless otherwise stated):

·         Lucia (Thesis: Ranking-Based Approaches for Localizing Faults)

Employment: Software Engineer, Schroder Investment Management, Luxembourg

·         Shaowei Wang (Thesis: Multimodal Code Search)

Employment: Assistant Professor, Mississippi State University, USA

·         Yuan Tian (Thesis: Mining Bug Repositories for Automatic Software Bug Management: From Bug Triaging to Patch Backporting)

Employment: Assistant Professor, Queen’s University, Canada

·         Pavneet S. Kochhar (Thesis: Testing and Debugging: A Reality Check)

Employment: Data Scientist, Microsoft, Canada

·         Tien-Duy B. Le (Thesis: Hybrid-Based Approaches for Software Fault Localization and Specification Mining)

Employment: Software Engineer, Hudson River Trading, Singapore

·         Ferdian Thung (Thesis: Recommending APIs for Software Evolution)

Employment: Research Scientist, SMU, Singapore

·         Xuan-Bach B. Le (Thesis: Overfitting in Automated Program Repair: Challenges and Resolutions)

Employment: Lecturer (equiv. to Assistant Professor) and ARC DECRA Fellow, University of Melbourne, Australia

·         Siqi Ma (Thesis: Automatic Vulnerability Detection and Repair; Co-Advisor)

Employment: Senior Lecturer, UNSW, Australia

·         Abhishek Sharma (Thesis: Social Software Development: Insights and Solutions)

Employment: Machine Learning Engineer, Veracode, Singapore

·         Agus Sulistya (Thesis: Making Sense of Crowd-Generated Contents in Domain-Specific Settings)

Employment: Vice Rector, Telkom Institute of Technology Surabaya, Indonesia

·         Thong Hoang (Thesis: Statistical and Deep Learning Models for Software Engineering Corpora),
Employment: Junior Data Scientist, Trusting Social, Vietnam

·         Bowen Xu (Thesis: Learning to Interpret Knowledge from Software Question and Answer Sites),
Employment: Research Scientist, SMU, Singapore

·         Gede Artha Azriadi Prana (Thesis: Can We Make it Better? Assessing and Improving Quality of GitHub Repositories),

Employment: Lead Data Scientist (Analytics), Grab, Singapore


Postdocs (incomplete list):

·         Lingfeng Bao (Jun 2017 – Sep 2018)

Employment: Lecturer, Zhejiang University, China

·         Zhiyuan Wan (July – Dec 2018)

Employment: Associate Professor, Zhejiang University, China

·         Tien-Duy B. Le

Employment: Software Engineer, Hudson River Trading, Singapore


Long-Term (1 year or longer) Visiting PhD Students (incomplete list):

·         Xiaoyin Wang, from Peking University, China (2008 –2009)

Employment: Associate Professor, University of Texas at San Antonio, USA

·         Xin Xia, from Zhejiang University, China (2012 –2014)

Employment: Director, Software Engineering Application Technology Lab, Huawei. Previously, Lecturer (equiv. to Assistant Professor) and ARC DECRA Fellow, Monash University, Australia

·         Zhang Yun, from Zhejiang University, China

Employment: Associate Professor, Zhejiang University City College, China

·         Weiqin Zou, from Nanjing University, China
Employment: Associate Professor, Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics (NUAA)


Research Engineers (incomplete list):

·         Didi Surian (Oct 2009 – Jun 2011)

·         Aditya Budi

·         Kang Hong Jin

·         Dinusha Wijedasa

·         Daryln Too Wei Jian


Short-Term Visiting PhD Students (incomplete list):

·         Tegawende Bissyande, from University of Bordeaux, France (2012)

·         Le An, from University of Montreal, Canada (2017)

·         Xuan Huo, from Nanjing University, China (2018)

·         Marcos Cesar de Oliveira, from University of Brasilia, Brazil (2018)

 Graduate and Undergraduate Teaching

I have taught the following courses in SIS:

·         IS203 - Software Engineering

·         IS201 - Object-Oriented Application Development

·         IS480 – IS Application Project

·         IS113 – Web Application Development

·         IS706 – Engineering Software Systems

·         IS706 (revised) – Software Mining and Analysis

·         IS470/1 – Undergraduate Research Project

·         IS771/2/3 – Postgraduate Research Project


I’ve been nominated for SMU’s Excellent Teacher Award (2019, 2021), and Most Promising Teacher Award (2011, 2012). For each of the awards, only one faculty member from SCIS is nominated per year (7 nominees across all the schools in SMU).