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Note: Only actively maintained homepages of group members are referenced above (sometimes we get caught up in doing exciting research and forget to maintain homepages :)). The group members' lists of publications are available on Google Scholar and DBLP.


Graduated PhD Students (as primary advisor, unless otherwise stated):

Postdocs (incomplete list):


Long-Term (1 year or longer) Visiting PhD Students (incomplete list):


Research Engineers (incomplete list):


Short-Term Visiting PhD Students (incomplete list):

 Graduate and Undergraduate Teaching

I have taught the following courses in SIS:


I’ve been nominated for SMU’s Excellent Teacher Award (2019), and Most Promising Teacher Award (2011, 2012). For each of the awards, only one faculty member from SIS is nominated per year (7 nominees across all the schools in SMU).


I have also taught in the following summer schools: